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          Beijing to require all hotel guests to have negative COVID-19 test reports before check-in


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          Photo: IC
          Beijing will require all arrivals to provide a negative nucleic acid report and green health code before checking in to hotels starting Sunday as the city remains on the alert and continues with its highest-level response to the COVID-19 outbreak.
          Visitors’ tests should be taken within seven days of arrival and their nationwide health code or Beijing health code should show no abnormality. Visitors are also required to register a contact person in Beijing and cooperate with hotels’ health management, Zhou Weimin, an official from the Beijing Bureau of Culture and Tourism, said at Friday’s press conference. 
          Hotels are responsible for checking guests’ health reports and monitoring their body temperatures twice a day, Zhou said. 
          According to the press conference, local police will strengthen their crackdown on illegal activities including filing fake information and fabricating nucleic acid test reports. 
          Beijing maintained its highest-level response to the COVID-19 outbreak despite the overall situation coming under control in the country and Wuhan, the hardest-hit city, having lifted its lockdown on April 8. 
          China adopts a four-tier emergency response system. During the peak of the domestic epidemic, all 31 provincial-level regions raised the response level to the highest level. Currently, Tianjin and Hebei, which neighbor Beijing, also remain on highest-level alert in addition to the hard-hit Hubei Province.
          The Beijing government earlier said that as an international hub, the capital is likely to remain in a state of COVID-19 prevention and control for a long time amid the pandemic. 
          Source:Global Times
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