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        2. PurLVS Virus Concentration System

          Product introduction
          In recent years, the fatal damage caused by the viruses pollution in water (such as Norovirus, HBV, Astrovirus, Poliovirus, etc.) have aroused people's attention. Some kinds of vaccine are invalid. These viruses have a very low concentration in water so that it is difficult to cultivate, which severely restricted the development of virus detection and research.

          In view of this, our company focuses on providing a set of PurLVS bulk sample enrichment system, the system is endowed with many features, such as easy operation, short filtering time, high enrichment efficiency etc. It can satisfy the different requirements of laboratory and help you easy to get a sample of higher concentration and better results, for accurate test of waterborne disease-causing viruses to provide practical and effective technology platform. Enrichment of the target microorganisms, our company has corresponding reagent for testing, and provide more perfect solutions to our customers.

          Product features
          ?   Easy to operate
          ?   Short filtering time
          ?   Effective
          ?   Good recycling quality

          Range of application
          Used in infectious disease, food safety, environment monitoring and various testing agencies to the detection and monitoring of water quality samples.
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