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        2. MPS Multiple Pathogenic Bacteria Nucleic Acid Detection System

          Product Introduction
          Foodborne pathogenic microorganism is one of the important biological factors lead to food safety problems, contain Salmonella, Shigella, Diarrheagenic Escherichia coli, Vibrio parahemolyticus, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. The traditional microbiology detection technology is difficult to adapt itself to the requirements of emergency, so that it is not able to respond to accurate classification and virulence gene analysis. However, the common molecular biology detection technology is unsatisfactory in detection of timeliness, operation convenience and cost control.  Based on advanced technology platform, the ABT  company researched and developed the PathoMPS ™ that provide a range of services from sample treatment and nucleic acid amplification to products analysis.

          Sample treatment module
          The system can provide diversified and convenient sample treatment scheme, complete the nucleic acid extraction in 30 minutes.

          Nucleic acid amplification module
          Complete 14 target multiple PCR amplification in 100 minutes;
          Complete 14 kinds of foodborne pathogenic microorganism screening or microbial virulence gene identification in 3 hours ;
          Using patented honeycomb heat cycler module;
          Single detection flux up to 96 samples.

          Product analysis module
          Module can analyze 12 samples in 10 minutes, and can analyze 96 samples once ;
          Adopt the pre-loaded card clip, plug and play, with automatic cleaning instrument;
          PCR products analysis sensitivity up to 0.1 ng/µL, product resolution up to 3-5 bp;
          The nucleic acid dye of Gel is extremely low, and does not produce pollution to operators and experimental environment.  

          Results determination module
          Professional software can recognizes target bands automatically;
          Intelligent software can detect automatically and make professional judgment.

          System features
          Comprehensive screening: PathoMPS™ can screen all currently common foodborne pathogenic microorganism, realize the accurate classification of main microorganisms, and can provide identification scheme for pathogenic virulence strain ;

          Easy operation: Only make a reaction system, a variety of pathogenic microorganisms or target gene amplification can be realized fast, combined with the built-in PCR products analysis module, shorten the operation time and the PCR reaction time;

          Efficient and economic: PathoMPS ™ apply multiple PCR system, compared with the single PCR technology, can save reagent, time and manpower cost effectively;

          Automatic judgement: PathoMPS™ professional analysis software, can realize experimental data extracted automatically, intelligent judgment and storage.
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