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          Beijing Applied Biological Technologies Co., Ltd. , a molecular diagnostic enterprise specializing in the development of detection solutions for pathogenic microbes, is headquartered in the Zhongguancun Life Science Park in Beijing.
          Based on multiplex PCR platform, our company have developed and produced more than 300 types of PCR detection reagent for CDCs and hospitals. Most of these reagent kits are related to the diagnosis of foodborne and digestive tract infection, fever and respiratory infection, fever accompanied with papule, new and recurrent epidemic diseases, components of animal origin in meat and meat products, precious traditional Chinese Medicine, drug resistant gene and zoonosis pathogen,etc. In terms of Intellectual property . In addition, the headquarter of X-ABT bio-tech are equipped with high end laboratories (Molecular Biology Lab,DNA Sequencing Lab and Immunology Lab)and advanced instruments(Fluorescent PCR platform, Automatic Detection Platform,Freeze Drying Technology Platform,Immunology Technology Platform,Third Generation Sequencing Platform). Besides, we have been developing genetic testing projects like tumor genetic testing and pharmacogemonic testing.
          During years of hardworking and development, X-ABT has achieved a number of honers and awards. In 2013, our company was awarded the “ High Tech Enterprise”. Then, we were endowed with the “ Technology R&D Center of Changping,Beijing” and listed as the “Patent Application Pilot Center of Beijing” in 2018. Besides, the food-borne pathogens multiplex PCR testing system (MPS)have successively won the Beijing new product and new technology excellence award in 2015, and the 14 food borne pathogens detection kits and Yersinia enterocolitica detection kits have successively won the Beijing new product and new technology excellence award in 2016. In 2017,   the joint project ”establishment and application of a new multiplex PCR detection technology platform” we cooperated with Institute for Prevention and Control of Viral Diseases of national CDC won the third prize of science and technology award of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association. In 2020, A novel coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit developed by our company was selected as a major item of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. Our company has also undertaken a number of government projects such as projects of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and major national special projects. At present, more than 20 products are in the stage of R & D and certification.
          In order to ensure a higher level of quality control system, we have built up workshops and facilities passing the certification of ISO 13485 quality system and new version of GMP to make sure that all products we deliver are qualified. In terms of storage and transportation, X-ABT has set up 24h cold chain warehouses. We have also built up a sales and marketing network composed of one operational center, three offices and five regional groups. At the same time our sales and marketing network is equipped with a pre-sales & after-sales technical service team, implementing the marketing concept of customer demand orientation and ensuring immediate response to customers’ needs. 

          Our company’s respiratory disease related detection products comply with EU CE certification standard  and passed ISO 13485 certification, supply to EU market! . In 2020, our company sets up the Overseas Sales Business Unit, preparing to start business with more than 100 countries around the world.

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